Saturday, March 2, 2013

Subcontractors needed

Joe Werle Rental Property has a history of developing innovative partnerships with our tenants.  We are in a transition period having 'lost' two long term worker/subcontractors we are now seeking other individuals who can do a variety of tasks: plumbing, electrical or HVAC as well as bookwork, cleanup, drywall and painting, yard work, gardening, etc.--almost anything that  needs to be done with rental property. There are alot of folks who can do most any of these tasks (except bookwork-they seem harder to find.) The key however is to find those who are semi independent, flexible in terms of their time and financial needs. I don't need someone full time, just occasionally-- which leads me to seek someone who is retired, or self employed with other outside income. And if they have their own tools and transportation is needed for most jobs.  However if you live in one of my houses you can likely walk or ride a bike to most of the properties I own on the near eastside. Come to the office (332 N. Arsenal) there are applications outside the on the front porch in the mailbox for workers, and applications for tenants on the clipboards. Fill out both, slip them thru the mail slot into the wall cavity. We'll call you as soon as we do a background check.  For more info call Joe at 317 636 6234