Saturday, October 6, 2012

ABT Housing Coop Member Application
return to Joe Werle 332 N. Arsenal 46201 or attach to email to

Your name, contact information. How you prefer to be contacted

Your age?

Marital/ relationship status?

Current employment, its positive and negative impact on you?

When can you participate in further exploration of the housing coop concept?

    Days?          Nights?         Weekdays?        Weekends?

What is your level of interest? Circle one

    Highly interested              Somewhat interested                 Just curious

If you were to volunteer to help promote or develop the Coop what areas would you be best at?

And are you willing to help work to build ABT Housing and Business Coop? Circle one

    Yes                Maybe            Not yet

The following questions can be answered in more detail on the reverse side of this page.
1. Do you have individual business plans or projects in mind for the community? How do you feel about working together economically to facilitate community self-reliance?

2. Do you have present or past experiences with making fair, participatory group decisions? Please explain:

3. What are your thoughts on building a community where the emphasis is to create a human settlement working cooperatively with ourselves and with the biosphere?

4. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

5. Are there any physical, emotional or cultural limitations that may effect how you function within the Housing Coop or that we should otherwise be aware of?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Intentional community

Indy Talks, Evolver and Transition Indy networks presents a discussion on
Intentional Communities Sat Oct 6, 2012, noon to 2:00 at Big Car Center, 3819 Lafayette Rd.
Michael Jason Hicks of the Living Roots Eco-Village, along with Katherine Ogawa of
Central Indiana Exchange Circle and Joe Werle of ABT Housing Coops.

Monday, September 24, 2012

three unit apt Rent to Buy

Owner retiring. Three unit apartment building near State and New York streets for rent or sale. Call for current sales price. 317-636-6234
Two one bedrooms units on first floor rent for $450-600/month Utilities included. Three single rooms on second floor rent for about $850/month with utilities included or as a single 2 bedroom apartment for about $600/month plus electric. That is $1550-1700/month gross! You could live in one unit rent out the other two and live rent free.

multi unit for rent or sale

Owner retiring. Nice property in desirable area near downtown. Very large half double with adjacent studio apartment in the attic. First floor has front room/sitting area, family room, kitchen and pantry. Two or three bedrooms on the second floor. Bath with shower. $750/month One bedroom apartment on the south side, second floor- $500/month utilities paid. I'm also willing to sell this house for $120,000. Total rents when occupied is $2600. payments would be $688/month on a 15 year term or $570 on a 20 year term. You could live in one unit and rent out the rest to live rent free.

Monday, July 23, 2012

3 Bay Garage Rented

Three Bay block garage with two 110 electric circuits available. Not insulated or heated but that is a possibility if you work with me to do so.
    $75/bay but prefer to rent whole garage for $225 or best offer. Possible to rent  two bays for $150/month.
     Possible usage for storage of cars, appliances, furniture, building materials, any type of supplies or tools for your business. Prefer not to have it used for continuous auto repair as that may violate zoning ordinances but occasional use is okay as long as there is no dumping or fluids.
      Applications available at my office on the front porch clipboard at 332 N. Arsenal, two blocks south of Tech High School in a blue double with an American Flag on the front porch. Please complete with contact info, copy of ID and financial references. put thru the slot into the wall so I can review it and get back with you.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Far Eastside SFHome-4 BR 1.5 Ba

8704 Elmonte, north of 38th and Post Rd
Four Bedrooms, 1.5 bath, extra rooms in the rear include dining area and family room with multi unit shelves for entertainment center.
Laundry hookups off the kitchen area
Newer oak laminate floors throughout. Easy to clean and maintain.
Single floor convenience. Laundry hookups in Kitchen.
Central Air.
Only 20 Minutes from downtown. close to Fishers, Allison Square Mall, Lawrence Township or IPS Schools.

For Sale or Rent
Rent $825/mn + all utilities. deposit is negotiable depending on your references.
Section 8 okay with two landlord references.

Lease with option to buy for $2000 down $40,000 price.
  or  $35,000 cash.

Quiet block, nice neighbors