Friday, August 2, 2013

Head Tenant for Four Unit apt building

Management company needs retired or part time work individual or couple to occupy a one bedroom apartment in a four plex for reduced rent in exchange for keeping the porch, laundry and yard clean. Head Tenant will also report back to the owner if other tenants are causing any problems. $75/month discount ( $525-75 = $450/month).

Must be clean in terms of evictions, arrest records, etc. I will do a background check
You can get the application 24/7/365 at my office on the clipboard on the porch.
You will need to provide your income as well as a landlords reference ( phone number, etc)

You can also earn outside income working of some of our other properties. Depending on your skill set and time constraints this may be 10-25 hours per week. Also depends on the amount of work the company needs at the time.

Joe Werle Rental Property
dba ABT Partners, LLC
 317-636-6234 office
317- 557 2595 cell